1.03 - The Edge Of Destruction

First Doctor, Susan, Ian, And Barbara

"Something has caused the TARDIS console to explode in mid-flight, rendering the crew unconscious. As they EACH slowly recover, they find themselves suffering from loss of memory and headaches.

The TARDIS behaves oddly, as the doors open and close of their own accord. Has the ship been possessed in some way, or is something more dangerous happening?"

Episode 1: The Edge Of Destruction Episode 2: The Brink Of Disaster

Written By: David Whitaker Directed By: Richard Martin & Frank Cox

This Episode:- We talk about the madness that is The Edge Of Destruction and also give a brief guide to the classic Doctors. There is also mention of beer.

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DTT 1.03 - The Edge Of Destruction (mp3 download) DTT 1.03 - The Edge Of Destruction (alternate mp3 download)

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