1.07 - The Sensorites

First Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara "The tardis arrives in a lifeless spaceship. The Doctor finds the bodies of the crew slumped over their stations, the victims of a mental attack that keeps them prisoners in space.

Using their telepathic skills, the Sensorites have managed to stop humanity exploiting the mineral wealth of their world, but now the tardis crew also find themselves at the mercy of the sensor-ites' mental powers."

Episode 1: Strangers In Space Episode 2: The Unwilling Warriors Episode 3: Hidden Danger Episode 4: A Race Against Death Episode 5: Kidnap Episode 6: A Desperate Venture

Writer: Peter R. Newman Director: Mervyn Pinfield (episodes 1-4), Frank Cox (episode 5-6)

*Contains drunken science

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Budwieser Budvar The Sensorites' Weapon (pic) The Sensorites' Leader (pic) Muppets as the Doctor Who cast (pic) The Origin Of My Flash Ideas Post Atomic Horror

1.07 - The Sensorites (mp3 download) 1.07 - The Sensorites (alternate mp3 download)

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