2.02 The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

First Doctor, Susan, Ian, & Barbara

It's the return of the Daleks, so join us as we drink beer and laugh at Dalek Steve. Also, check out the alternate embedded mp3 cover and unused QI cover.

"Arriving in London in the middle of the 22nd century, the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan discover that Daleks have invaded Earth. Will humanity be enslaved by the evil Daleks, or can the Doctor stop their audacious plans and save mankind from extermination...?"

Episode 1: World's End Episode 2: The Daleks Episode 3: Day Of Reckoning Episode 4: The End Of Tommorrow Episode 5: The Waking Ally Episode 6: Flashpoint

Writer: Terry Nation Director: Richard Martin

Broadcast: 21 November - 26 December 1964


Acorn Brewery Cover Album The Borg Comic Strip - Abstruse Goose The Dalek Invasion Of Earth - Trailer The Dalek Invasion Of Earth - Watch Online Unused QI Cover Picture Of A Dalek Bomb Post Atomic Horror


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