2.03 The Rescue

First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki

It's the first episode since Susan left, and also one of the higest rating episodes ever. You make your own mind up as we drink Bah Humbug and discuss pet killing.

"When the tardis lands on dido at the end of the 25th Century, where the Doctor, barbara and Ian discover a crashed spaceship waiting for help.

The only survivors have been murdered apart from a young, orphaned girl and a paralysed man. But who is the strange creature Koquillion that they are afraid of? And will they remain safe long enough to be rescued?"

Episode 1: The Powerful Enemy Episode 2: Desperate Measures

Writer: David Whitaker Director: Christopher Barry

Broadcast: 6 January - 9 January 1965


Wychwood Brewery Cover Album The Rescue on youtube


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