2.04 The Romans

First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki

Join us for beer, crispy feet, Carry On Rome, and more of Dalek Steve. Plus, find out who I insult this episode.

"Italy, 64AD. Enjoying a rare holiday with his companions, The Doctor takes Vicki to visit Rome, where he is mistaken for the musician Maximus Pettulian. He finds himself obliged to perform for Nero, or risk incurring the vile Emperor's wrath...

In his absence, Ian and Barbara have been kidnapped from their villa. Sold into slavery, they face a bleak future. Can they make their escape and find the doctor before Rome is consumed by fire?"

Episode 1: The Slave Traders Episode 2: All Roads Lead To Rome Episode 3: Conspiracy Episode 4: Inferno

Writer: Dennis Spooner Director: Christopher Barry

Broadcast: 16 January - 6 February 1965


How A Female Dalek Would Look

The Birra Moretti Guy

2.04 - The Romans (alternate mp3 download)


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