2.05 The Web Planet

First Doctor, Susan, Ian, & Barbara

Join us as we try to get through this god forsaken episode with terrible beer. Still, there's tales of cruel children and mimes to keep you entertained. And check out the embedded mp3 cover.

"A mysterious force pulls the tardis off course, stranding The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki on vortis.

A fierce battle is raging between the moth-like Menoptra, and giant insects known as Zarbi. But what is the dark secret that hides at the centre of the Zarbi’s lair?"

Episode 1: The Web Planet

Episode 2: The Zarbi

Episode 3: Escape To Danger

Episode 4: Crater Of Needles

Episode 5: Invasion

Episode 6: The Centre

Writer: Bill Strutton

Director: Richard Martin

Broadcast: 13 February - 20 March 1964


Bumble Beer

The Web Planet - Watch Online

Drunken Time Travel Website


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