2.06 The Crusade

First Doctor, Vicki, Ian, & Barbara

The Doctor and his crew swap giant insects for a Lionheart. It's another historical story set surprisingly during the crusades.

"The TARDIS arrives in the middle of a holy war between King Richard the Lionheart and the Saracen leader, Saladin, in 12th Century Palestine.

As the Doctor and his Companions explore their surroundings, they are caught up in a Saracen ambush and Barbara is taken.

A newly-knighted Sir Ian must make haste to rescue Barbara, whilst the Doctor finds it difficult to stay out of trouble in the court of the King..."

Episode 1: The Lion Episode 2: The Knight Of Jaffa Episode 3: The Wheel Of Fortune Episode 4: The Warlords

Writer: David Whitaker Director: Douglas Camfield Broadcast: 27th March - 17th April 1965


Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale

The Crusade - Watch Online

2.06 - The Crusade (mp3 download) 2.06 - The Crusade (alternate mp3 download)

In a rush to get last week's special out, I used part of one of AHiLDesigns' pieces of work without getting prior permission. I apologise for this lapse in judgement on this occasion and have replaced the artwork.


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