2.07 The Space Museum

First Doctor, Vicki, Ian, & Barbara

A couple of days early due to going to the States to watch a live redording of Sarcastic Voyage and Post Atomic Horror. Grab yourself some headache tablets and a few beers and join us as we talk about the Doctor Who episode The Space Museum.

"The tardis lands on xeros, where a vast museum houses relics from the conquests of the mighty morok empire. Whilst they are exploring, the doctor and his three companions make a disturbing discovery: their future selves are preserved in the museum as exhibits in a display case!

now the travellers all face a terrible dilemma: how can they escape their fate, when every decision they make could be taking them a step closer to it?"

Episode 1: The Space Museum Episode 2: The Dimensions Of Time Episode 3: The Search Episode 4: The Final Phase

Writer: Glyn Jones Director: Mervyn Pinfield

Broadcast: 24th April - 15th May 1965


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