3.01 Galaxy 4

Special Thanks To Angel and TDro For The Voice Acting


First Doctor, Vicki, & Steven

That's two series completed, now onto the third where we talk about the Evil Women Creatures of Galaxy 4.

"The Drahvins and the Rills crash-landed on a deserted planet in Galaxy 4. The planet is about to explode so the women-dominated Drahvins plan to escape using the spaceship of the peace-loving Rills.

As the planet’s destruction nears, the Doctor must use all his powers of diplomacy to prevent a needless loss of life."

Episode 1 - Four Hundred Dawns

Episode 2 - Trap Of Steel

Episode 3 - Air Lock

Episode 4 - The Exploding Planet

Writer: William Emms

Director: Derek Martinus


Hall and Woodhouse Brewery - Badger Ales

Full Size Cover Artw--k

DTT 3.01 - Galaxy 4.mp3 (alternate download)


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