3.04a The Daleks’ Master Plan Parts 1-6


First Doctor, Steven, and Sara Kingdom

Join us as we talk about Dalek committee meetings, drink beer, and have a laugh through the first half of the 12 part epic - The Dalek's Master Plan.

"The TARDIS materialises on Kembel. There the Doctor and his friends meet Space Security Service agent Bret Vyon, who has been sent in search of Marc Cory. Learning of the Daleks' scheme, which hinges on the use of a weapon called the time destructor, they determine to warn the authorities on Earth."

Episode List

Episode 1: The Nightmare Begins
Episode 2: Day Of Armageddon
Episode 3: Devil's Planet
Episode 4: The Traitors
Episode 5: Counter Plot
Episode 6: Coronas Of The Sun


Written By: Terry Nation & Dennis Spooner
Directed By: Douglas Camfield


Dog Fish Head 90 Minute IPA
DTT 3.04a The Dalek's Master Plan Parts 1-6 (alternate .mp3 download)

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