3.07 The Celestial Toymaker

The cover this week comes courtesy of the artistic stylings of @TDro


First Doctor, Steven, and Dodo

Random impressions, Doctor Who Monopoly, disclaimers, and the latest from the office of Roger Colbert

Somewhere outside space and time waits the Celestial Toymaker, an enigmatic being who ensnares unwary travellers into his domain to play out his dark and deadly games. If they lose, they are condemned to become the Toymaker's playthings for all eternity. For in the malevolent wonderland that is his toyroom, nothing is just for fun...

Episode List

Episode 1 - The Celestial Toyroom
Episode 2 - The Hall Of Dolls
Episode 3 - The Dancing Floor
Episode 4 - The Final Test


Writen By: Brian Hayles
Directed By: Bill Sellars


Full Size Cover Art from @TDro
DTT 3.07 The Celestial Toymaker (alternate mp3 download)

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