3.09 The Savages

The cover this week comes courtesy of show host @irishgavbrown
First Doctor, Steven, and Dodo

Listen this week to find out if English Gav has been replaced by Robogav as we talk about Sci-Fi Conventions, killing Steven, and Mind Swapping.

When the TARDIS materialises on an alien planet, the Doctor insists that he and his companions have arrived in the far future. Steven and Dodo think otherwise, however, after they encounter a band of cave-dwelling primitives who are terrified of strangers. The travellers soon discover that the planet’s population is divided into two castes, and that the professed idyll of the Elders – who inhabit a technologically advanced city – seems oddly dependent upon the unsophisticated savages.

Episodes - 4


Writen By: Ian Stuart Black Directed By: Christopher Barry



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