5.04 The Enemy of the World

Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria

Patrick Troughten plays not only The Doctor in this one, but also The Enemy of the World too. Listen as English Gav slowly loses the ability to speak and find out what the newly released Jeff scene is.

No sooner have The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria landed on a sun-kissed Australian beach than they are being shot at by murderous fanatics! A dramatic helicopter rescue places them in the hands of Astrid Ferrier and Giles Kent, two people intent on bringing about the downfall of the world's most dangerous man - who happens to look exactly like The Doctor.
Salamander's sun-catcher technology has been hailed as the answer to all the world's food problems. Yet is there more to his prediction of natural disasters than meets the eye? Could it be that the death and destruction which he appears to foretell is in fact of his own creation?

Episodes: 6

Written by: David Whitaker
Directed by: Barry Letts

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