6.06 The Space Pirates

Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe

This week we find another excuse to talk about the Daleks,
where the Gav's would like their breath to spend time. Barb Wire, and really anything we can think of that's not talking about Space Pirates. But whatever you do [SPOILERS], don't watch The Space Pirates.

"The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe become victims of piracy when they materialise on a space beacon, minutes before it is literally blown to pieces. So begins their quest to be reunited with the TARDIS, whilst treading perilously across the paths of the interstellar space corps and a gang of murderous bandits.
The eccentric prospector Milo Clancey gives the travellers passage in his ageing spaceship, but the old man is himself the focus of space corps investigations. Could he possibly be behind the destruction and salvage of so many beacons in the sector? What is the position of Madeleine Issigri, who runs her father's mining corporation on the planet Ta  - and how might a locked room provide the answer to this mystery?"
Writer: Robert Holmes
Director: Michael Hart


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