Christmas Schedule

With Christmas coming up, there's a slight change to our regular schedule but you'll be happy/depressed because you'll get 6 podcasts over 6 weeks!


Thursday 12th – DTT 5.06 Extra - Drunken Science: Off-shore Drilling

Thursday 19th – DTT Christmas Special: Downtime & Drunken History: Christmas

Thursday 26th – Break 


Thursday 2nd – Crossover with Post Atomic Horror

Thursday 9th – DTT 5.07: Wheel In Space

Thursday 16th  DTT 5.07 Extra - Drunken Science: Meteors

If you have any questions, please send them in and we may even answer them during the crossover episode.

If you haven't checked out Post Atomic Horror yet, what have you been doing? Imagine our podcast with Star Trek instead of Doctor Who, people who are funny instead of... us, and a lack of drunken incompetency, and you've got a very entertaining podcast. Get in on that action now as they've only just recently started covering the awesome DS9.