DTT Extra 1 - Dr. Who And The Daleks

"I know we'll be drunk, we hope you will be too"

Join us for a special Christmas edition of Drunken Time Travel as we take a look at the first Dr. Who movie starring (Peter Cushing). Also check out the alternate embedded mp3 cover artw--k. Happy Doctor Who Day from Drunken Time Travel.

"Accidentally thrown together, Dr. Who, his granddaughters, and their friend Ian cross the universe in Who's new invention, the space and time machine known as "TARDIS". When they land on the planet Skaro, the travelers meet the kind and placid Thals, who live in fear of the dreaded Daleks. Somehow, Who and his party must find a way to help the Thals overcome the deadly mutants who live inside impenetrable metal casings."

Writers: Terry Nation (story) Max Rosenborg (uncredited) Milton Subotsky David Whitaker (additional material, uncredited) Director: Gordon Flemyng

Released: 25th June 1965


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