DTT Special 3 - PAH/DTT Crossover Part 1

Artwork supplied by the ever talented @allvishal

In the first of two parts, Drunken Time Travel hosts English and Irish Gav Post Atomic Horror hosts Ron 'AAlgar' Watt and Matt Rowbotham swap roles as they each review an episode of the other's choosing and talkStar Trek and Doctor Who. Come aboard for plenty of laughs as AAlgar tries a beer, English Gav learns about Star Trek


DTT review Star Trek - 'The Corbomite Maneavour' PAH review Doctor Who - 'The Happiness Patrol' Compare and contrast of Star Trek and Doctor Who


allVishal.com Post Atomic Horror Drunken Time Travel (you're already here, why do you need a link?) DTT Special 3 - PAH/DTT Crossover Part 1 (download mp3)

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